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How much will it cost to design a custom Website?

The price depends on the scope of the project. Pricing of web design starts from 500 USD and can go up to to 30,000 USD.

Why use Webflow to develop Websites?

Webflow is a platform which provides with an easy to use editor along with CDN hosting at a low price. The platform also has commendable flexibility that can help me give you an amazing website.

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What are the benefits of working with a freelance web designer?

We only take limited projects at a time so that we are able to give you personal attention & a custom approach to your business needs.

Do you Accept international payment?

Yes, we accept payment with Paypal.

what industries do you serve?

We serve startups who need a impactful website for more conversions

what all is included in your service?

Our services include color palette, typography ,image curation, content & website strategy, web development, CMS development & SEO a complete website package for your business needs

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