8 Modern Web Design Trends in 2021

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
March 21, 2022

Content is king, and design is its crown. Web design is the only factor affecting 94% of people’s first impressions about the website. Every year new web design trends emerge, and 2021 is no exception.

This year web designers seem to be aiming for higher levels of reality rather than hi-tech fantasy. As a result, they’re merging the digital and banal in ways never seen before, illustrating what responsive websites have become in our everyday lives.

The most recent web design trends

New web design trends usually fade away quickly. So we'll concentrate on informing you more about the ones that we believe will be huge in 2021 and have a reasonable possibility of being relevant in the years to follow.

The following are the most recent and significant web design trends for 2021:

Parallax animation
Parallax animation Website screenshot

Parallax animation

The optical illusion of parallax occurs when things close to the observer seem to move quicker than those farther away. The look of old 2D video games inspired the notion of parallax effects. It uses layers that move at varying rates to give the sense of depth. There are various ways to create this effect, but the most common is to move the backdrop slower than the foreground.

You can entice users who have a sense of movement and curiosity to browse through the entire design using parallax effects. It's a fantastic method to make your website's design pop. Keep in mind, however, that parallax site design might have a detrimental SEO impact.

Neumorphism app design
Neumorphism app design


Neumorphism is a fusion of “new” and “skeuomorphism.” It uses selected drop shadows to simulate physicality while being covered with semi-flat colors.

This style is a descendant of skeuomorphism, a design technique that blends representations of recognizable, obsolete materials into modern designs. It was popular in the early 2010s. The flat design reduced symbols and colors in a less realistic style but more consistent and easily recognized, mainly replacing this approach.

abstract art hero screenshot
abstract art hero screenshot

Abstract art compositions

Abstract forms, particularly those made out of geometric primitives such as squares and circles, may seem basic, minimalist, and confining. But, on the other hand, web designers are integrating them into vast, expansive designs that radiate freedom in 2021.

A shift away from reality in design can be used to describe this approach. Although the overall composition is intriguing, it is illogical.

Here’s the thing:

Modern abstraction may mix some elements that are identifiable with others that are not.

Pastel colour Website design
Pastel colour Website design

Comfortable colors

We spend most of our time on computers these days, thanks to the increasingly digital nature of the work market. As a result, we frequently feel eye strain when gazing at displays for extended periods. Therefore, web designers take color layouts that focus on being easier on the eyes into account.

Web designers in 2021 think beyond the two extremes of dark and bright. Instead, soft color schemes, such as healthy greens, pastel blues, warm browns, or light pinks, are helping them reach a happy medium.

Overall, this tendency suggests that future web designers will be more concerned with accessibility and comfort than spectacular innovation.

horizontal scroll effect
horizontal scroll effect

Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is making a return, although everyone considered this style as a web design faux pas. Because many users instinctively scroll down when they view a web page, this might not be easy to execute effectively.

As a result, they may believe that a website with horizontal scrolling is faulty and leave if it doesn't provide strong signals.

A 3D hero section
A 3D hero section

3D visuals

Designers are responding to the proliferation of higher-resolution displays by experimenting with 3D animations and drawings on websites. It may provide a better visual representation of a product than a large number of pictures.

With the introduction of higher-resolution displays, 3D design has progressed significantly beyond Geocities' blocky and beveled edges. Instead, we've seen high-quality 3D graphics effortlessly integrated into online designs. Rather than being distracting, they enhance the entire user experience.

minimalist web design
minimalist web design


During a pandemic, simplicity in design may be a lifeline due to the flood of digital information. Because minimalism allows people to concentrate solely on the fundamentals, it may one day entirely replace complicated designs.

On your website, you may use the best minimalist design trends by following methods:

Use a restricted color scheme - To highlight the critical components of your site, choose a monochromatic color design with one or two accent colors.

Limited usage of components and features - Consider whether each piece is required, has a function, or might be simplified when designing.

Increasing the amount of white space - Many expert designers are worried about boring their visitors with white space, yet it aids in directing their attention to the most crucial areas.

Augmented reality app
Augmented reality app

Augmented reality (AR) experiences

Incredible immersive experiences have been possible by augmented reality (AR). AR now encompasses more than simply searching for Pokémon on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

You shouldn't make an AR app just because it's trendy—it'll almost certainly result in a bad user experience. Instead, you should assess the required functionality in light of the AR display medium's ability to provide an engaging experience.

In an app, augmented reality should be a layer of additional value that reduces its time to perform activities. AR should empower people and increase their productivity. Take, for example, the Ikea Place app. This software helps you to test if a product will work in your current setting. It would take considerably longer to order and place a genuine sofa or light in your physical location.


It's always intriguing to see how site design changes and no-code movement grows hand in hand.

We propose taking inspiration from these trends and incorporating them into our clients’ designs in a way that reflects their brands’ individuality in our projects.

You are also able to mix and match them with other styles or entirely disregard them. Look no farther than us if you're looking for a place to put your creative new design ideas to the test.

We're also excited to see what will come up for 2022. Follow our blog for the latest web design trends.

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
A Web Designer & Webflow Developer & a no-code enthusiast!

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