UX Design and UX Writing: How to Bring them Together?

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
March 21, 2022

You can get the design part done by an experienced UX designer, but you can’t trust any random person with the content. You need a UX writer to fill the “lorem ipsum” sections with the right content. 

UX designers and UX writers share the same goal—to create a seamless user experience. Both designing and writing are the core elements of creating a perfect UX. Despite that, designers and writers don’t work together. 

They have different viewpoints when it comes to a landing page design or blogs. But, this partnership can mean the difference between a satisfactory and great website, which is why a UX web designer and UX writer should work as a team to create a perfect website. Let’s see how you can bring them together for your next web design project.

1) Research Together

Before you get started with any design project, you need to do extensive research. This includes checking out the competitor’s website to see what’s working for them and how they have added their USP to the content. 

This is the best time for your writer and designer to collaborate. They should start the research work together so that both can share their ideas about how the design and content should go. Besides, research will give them enough time to come up with the best plan for the UX design and content. 

Of course, each professional will perform different research. UX designers will focus on the color, layouts, images, videos, templates, screens, and designs. The writer, on the other hand, will perform text-related research, such as the ideal word count, sentence length, writing format, font styles, vocabulary, and so on. 

Doing the research work together will give your team a good start. They can share their ideas with each other, get approval for the design and content, and suggest changes where needed. 

2)Build the UX Design Around Content

The biggest mistake of a website designer is building a design first and getting the content written around it. The UX writer knows what content your landing page, the home page, or blogs need to attract your audience. Text is the most crucial element of a website. So, the UX design should be built around the text and not the other way around. 

Let’s say the designer has missed the subtitle text space and has allotted space for the paragraph instead. The writer knows the importance of dividing the text into paragraphs and subheadings to make it readable. The designer will have to change the design to allot space for subtitles. A UX writer should suggest the layout for the page depending on the length of the content and how they have broken down text into paragraphs. 

3) Encourage Your Team to Learn About Other’s Jobs

The writer and designer are highly likely to go in different directions when suggesting the layout for the website interface. It’s important that they understand each others’ perspectives. A writer should learn more about the latest trends in the web designing industry. Similarly, a UX designer should research the content strategy for a website. These collaborative efforts will yield the best results.

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
A Web Designer & Webflow Developer & a no-code enthusiast!

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