Why User Experience is Vital for Quality SEO?

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
March 21, 2022

Google has shifted its focus from keyword optimization to user experience. For your website to get ranked higher in the search engine, it must be optimized for your audience. 

We’ve all come across websites with ambiguous navigation menus, poorly written content, and notifications that keep popping up on the screen. You must have also seen web pages that take forever to load. We never return to these sites, let alone subscribing to their newsletters or buying a product. 

That’s where the user experience (UX) comes into play. Let’s explore a few reasons why user experience is important for your SEO.

It Focuses on Your Visitors

You don’t want people to visit your website only to get disappointed with the content or navigation. That’s why SEO goes beyond keyword ranking and backlinks. 

Anyone can attract traffic to their website, but the real challenge is to make these people stay and complete the sales funnel. 

You can’t get your visitors to hit the “purchase” button if you can’t attract them with your website design. It is the first thing any visitor will notice before proceeding with the “action” part.

It Boosts Your Ranking

The latest research shows that 53% of your visitors will abandon your website before even checking out your content if it takes more than three seconds to load. Nothing is more frustrating for your audience than a slow-loading website. And, why should they stick around your website when they have plenty of options?

Gone are the days when people could get their websites ranked with slow-loading websites and poor customer experience.

Google has recently launched the three core web vitals to improve user experience. They are not prioritizing websites that have implemented these changes. Your website’s loading speed, navigation, display, and everything that affects the user experience will be considered during ranking. 

It Increases Conversion

You can’t convert a lead into a loyal customer with a poor web design. The user experience and your conversion rate go hand in hand. If your visitors are satisfied with your website design and content quality, they will stick around. There is a good chance they will purchase from your website or sign up for your services. 

It Builds Authority

Great content, good technical and on-page SEO, and a well-designed website translate into an excellent customer experience. Not only does it make you appear as an authority figure in your industry, but good UX can bring more loyal customers to your website. 

You need to introduce your brand as a solution to your customer’s pain points. That is done with high-quality content, a solid backlinking strategy, and good SEO. 

From navigation to the shopping cart, everything should be optimized for user experience. Remember your end goal. Bringing random people to your website just to increase traffic will not boost your conversion. Your goal is to attract the right audience and provide them with a seamless shopping experience to turn them into your regulars.

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
A Web Designer & Webflow Developer & a no-code enthusiast!

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