Royal Sports

A Sportswear Manufacturing Company Website

Website Re-Design
Web Development
Website Strargey

Live site

The Goal of the Website

To generate qualified leads for their sportswear manufacturing company & create a brand presence through their website

The Objective

Increasing quotation request for their custom sportswear

Existing Website

Problem With The Existing Design

red wrong sign

Over cluttered- lacks white space

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No call to action button to guide the user

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Less focused content regarding sportswear manufacturing

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No layout & structure

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Very slow loading speed

royal sports old website

New Website Journey

UX Strategy- Userflow,Structure & Wireframing

Sketching & Wireframing

In the strategy call, based on the goals & the objective of the website, we created a wireframe.

This helped in understanding the user flow & how the user will experience the website.

Typography & Colour

Being a sportswear company, the brand color was bright gold yellow color which was perfect as it symbolizes speed.

The typography was selected so that a sense of being bold & athletic was conveyed.

Royalports brand identity
royal sports new design

Visual Design & Webflow Development

The most fun part was structuring & delivering a website that was impactful & helped to convert more clients to Royal Sports.

You can have look at the website link below:

Live site

The Results

Lead Generation

growth green arrow


Boost in Revenue

growth green arrow


Led to a stronger trust & authority of the brand

Receiving more qualified inquiries for the business

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