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Website Re-Design
Web Development
Story telling
Blog Development

Live site

The Goal of the Website

A parent coaching website which which focuses on 1 on 1 online sessions to help parents in their everyday parenting challenges.

The Objective

Book a free discovery call which gives an opportunity to the client to share their issues!

Existing Website

Problem With Existing Design

red wrong sign

Call to action which is not relevant

red wrong sign

Very less information about the business
for the audience to connect

red wrong sign

Heading does not explain what
the business is about

red wrong sign

No impactful call to action near the the footer for the visitor to take action

red wrong sign

Images are repetitive

Saral old website

New Website Journey

Saral parenting wireframe

Sketching & Wireframing

With a brainstorm session with the coach, we derived that the best way to reach the goals is through story telling. Based on her needs, we agreed with a structure for the website.

Typography & color

After the structure was decided, we then went on to select a font that was classy & feminine that represented her brand. We chose the brand color & added purple to give a luxurious feel.

saral parenting color type image
Saral Parenting web design image

Visual design & development

We then put it all together to design a beautiful website
which resembles the brand's philosophy & tells parents on how they can have a great relationship with their children.

Live site

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