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A complete guide to startup website homepage design

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
March 21, 2022

A homepage has a unique challenge in that it needs to convey the brand and purpose of your website while also effectively selling your product or service. In addition, the homepage is often the first impression visitors will have of your company, so you want to ensure it’s as effective as possible at achieving these goals.

A website home page is the first thing website visitors see when visiting your site. It should be a concise and clear introduction to who you are and what you do. Users won't explore further if they can’t understand this within seconds on your home page. 

Your startup’s homepage can be a virtual sales representative for your business, so it must be engaging and persuasive. Whether you have an expansive homepage with several tabs or a simple one-page site, there are some universal best practices for designing yours.

You will get a list of some valuable tips to create your homepage design successfully and attractive. So you have to give this article 5-10 minutes as you will get some valuable tips here.

Tips for creating a convincing homepage 

Indeed, you have to be careful while creating a website for your business. But a homepage is the first thing a visitor notices on your website. So the following tips will help you to create an impressive and convincing homepage-

  • Add informative headline

Yes, you must add a headline to your website homepage that expresses your business and motto in just a few words. Most people leave the site if they do not understand the website's motto in a few seconds. So you have just a few seconds to impress and convince your visitors to stay on your website.

The best way to convince visitors to explore your website is to keep a short and informative headline on your homepage. You should keep the headlines short and clear and not use hard-to-understand words in your headline.

  • Communicate with visitors 

Indeed, it is not possible to communicate with your website visitors. But, you can do it by adding relevant paragraphs related to your business. But, first, you must engage your website, visitors, with relevant content on the website homepage. 

You should help your visitors to understand your business value with the information about the unique selling points, the mission of your company, and more. You must be narrow and straight while creating the paragraph for your business website's homepage.

  • Add lightweight images

If you want to make your website attractive, you must add images that engage your visitors. Images can help your visitors to understand you and your product or service. High-quality pictures are a must if you want to see your product as well as possible. But higher-quality images can also create a problem for your website.

Bigger images can be hard to load. Bigger size images on the homepage will lead to a slow loading speed. The slow loading speed can also become a reason for the website's failure, as most visitors leave the website at a slow speed. Additionally, slow loading speed websites can also be a problem in high ranking in SEO results.

You can use Google page speed insight tools to balance websites' images and loading speed.  These tools will help you to find whether images need compression or not. You can use a tool like TinyPNG to compress the size of the images.

  • Call to action

The main aim of every business with a website is to convert their website visitors into customers. The best way to convert them is the call to action button, also known as the CTA button. As per data, the CTA button increases the sales to 11 percent of online sales websites.

A call to action or CTA button is a large button that should be in the center of the homepage. CTA button must be placed in the homepage's content at the bottom like a button. You can name the CTA button as a learn more, sign up, or free trial button. You have to place the CTA button on the top part of the home page so that your visitors can see it without scrolling the page.

  • Change has become the need of today’s life.

Indeed, the world is constantly changing, and the demand of the people is also constantly changing. So, updating your website content has also become necessary in today’s world. Moreover, like website content, you should also update the home page's content as the home page gives the first impression to the website visitors about your business.

You should keep your eyes on your industry trend as industry trends constantly change infrequently. To impress your website visitors, keep your homepage content similar to industry trends. But try to keep your home page content as short as possible because longer home page content will lead to a high bounce rate. No one wants to read a long bio about your company on your website homepage. Therefore, you should keep your homepage content up to date, short, and straightforward.

  •   Tell benefits

Indeed, you have to add all information about the products and services. But helping your website visitors to understand your company works on your website homepage is not enough. Most people prefer benefits that they can avail from your company as numerous companies offer the same services on the internet.

You must provide the benefits on your website's main page so that visitors may take advantage of them by buying products and services from your website. 

Further, you have to add those benefits in simple and easy-to-understand words. So you should try to add benefits in the language of your potential customers.

Wrapping Up

A website homepage is an essential part of your business. Impacting potential customers with your website homepage is crucial for your business's success. To create an excellent website for your business and make it attractive to potential customers, you must go through all the tips discussed in this article.

Ibrahim Lakdawla
Ibrahim Lakdawla
A Web Designer & Webflow Developer & a no-code enthusiast!

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